all about easy


While we all know there’s nothing easy out there, anything worthwhile takes hard work and determination, the clothes you wear can help make the day better.

Oldest daughter living in working in NYC texted this #OOTD this morning, she was prepping for a client meeting and being in the retail software world denim is completely okay. (Seems like a lot of business is done in denim?). We love this look and think it’s all about easy: white silk blouse, black tropical weight wool blazer, clean neat denim, simple makeup, manicured nails, good shoes, classic hair and jewelry.

Linnie, love your look, we can all take something from this. Sometimes the best look is all about easy. Love the headset in your hand, more than that love your smile. 🙂 YOU can go anywhere.

Every day dress, all about easy. Thursday night everyone, Go Bills. xoxo


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  1. Beautiful Caroline….You must be so proud of her! Just returned from seeing Jake in NYC. Amazing how poised and grown up our children can be. Miss you Bec-

    • Miss you too, my hand has been on that phone way too many times, simply need to call you. xoxo

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