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We’re a fan and we’ve followed India Hicks on Instagram for some time now, even before she launched her new lifestyle business. Friend and client is now on her team, and one of the first things we bought was this charm on a cord that’s engraved with the words ‘get your hands dirty’.

Exactly our thoughts here at every day dress. We’ve shared too that Donna Karan’s My Journey was on our nightstand. As fashion, design, food, and women here are almost always intertwined, here’s a passage from the book that’s been on the brain:

Essential list of what one needs to do in life:

  1. Fill your own gas tank.
  2. Buy your own groceries.
  3. Make your own bed.
  4. Do your own laundry.
  5. Cook your own meals.

While these might not be absolute, we all love to have help and restaurant nights out for sure, it’s essential we are sufficient to ourselves and those we love. Simply, get your hands dirty. India Hicks and company, wishing you much continued success. Love wearing those words on a cord.

Every day dress, always a good thing to get your hands dirty. 🙂

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