All in the Kitchen

cheers to the circle of life

My life’s work seems to unfold in the kitchen, seems appropriate as it’s absolutely the heartbeat of our home. It’s where I find myself first place in the morning brewing that pot of coffee, all throughout the day to feed and nourish myself and those around me, and last place at night, cleaning up or not (I’m not always the best at cleaning up, there’s always so much to do) for the next day to repeat. 

Ethan and the love of his life

Sean proposed to Caroline Saturday, November 4th, 2017 with all of us seated at the kitchen table as witness and he on one knee. Ethan and Lindsey recently announced on Friday, November 6th, 2020, when they came for a simple chicken pot pie dinner, both of them standing between the kitchen sink and the range, that they are having a precious baby. Woot!

Both days included champagne. 

made two loaves of scratch bread, stirring the pot pie mixture, wearing Anatomie, so easy to cook and move in
this was early November, so color scheme was grey and orange
not a lot of room so after slicing the bread simply put it right on the table, it really doesn’t stay there very long anyway
individual pot pies ready to be dressed with puff pastry tops and an egg wash
Peanut loves to be in the kitchen, she’s scooping oversized chocolate chip cookies
lots of love in the house, can you tell we like black tees?
Ethan likes to get his hands in it too
love that they are feeling the kitchen love
it’s a working kitchen, never really super neat
Caesar salad always a crowd pleaser
love for the win
at the table
one of three thousand two hundred ninety-four times or more

In between there were about eleven hundred days, or one thousand ninety-eight days to be exact, or three thousand two hundred ninety-four meals to be made, of all kinds of different kitchen happenings, most of them happy, some sad, some anxious, a few of them I thought I might never get through, all of them days I would never give back. 

constantly prepping, chopping, stirring
in the kitchen again, I did get dressed up the next night to celebrate Maxwell’s girlfriends birthday
and guess where we sang Happy Birthday
all in the kitchen 🙂

I’m writing this to remind myself that life happens within the parameter of our routines. That the routine of constantly planning and prepping and chopping and stirring and serving can yield extraordinary results.

Our oldest son and his beautiful love are having their first child this coming June, and that, for us, is one little part of the moon and back. 

Every day dress, all in the kitchen.

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