Utility Dressing

all about walking for a hot coffee

Yesterday, I parked in Greenville SC after a good long day of driving from Buffalo NY. Haven’t really been talking much here about the clothes we wear, lately it’s been all about utility. 

Generally, in any given day I get up, check the weather and the emails, brew some coffee, go for a long walk outdoors, do a Peloton workout (or maybe none, or maybe two), cook breakfast, plan and prep dinner. In between it’s a grab: styling, cleaning, gardening (even in winter), laundry, organizing, cooking, thinking. Even before all that I check the hours of sleep. Bought a new Apple watch and currently make myself stay in bed until the eight-hour marker is hit– pure heaven, who would have thought?

love this puffer, love these boots, not loving the tired Covid face , so hiding behind the Latte

Anyway, a few fashion items I’ve indulged in and have worn often: new black puffer coat, flat black boots, new distressed denim. Holding my breath for Bridgerton inspired pieces. Until then settling for the outdoor Latte, and grateful.

Every day dress, utility dressing. If you’re all about being outdoors, invest in things that make it easy.

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