all together now




Not usually our jam, floral on floral, yet wore it all day Tuesday for the runaround and then again tonight for third daughters high school chorus concert.

Tuesday morning had no time to think, so naturally thinking lounge dressing might do? Took the pants we love, and the blouse we love, and wore them together. Compliments galore. People stopped me on the street and said, ‘pretty’, ‘nice colors’; never hear that kind of thing when wearing a column of black.

The concert was moving, brought goose bumps to the skin. A stage full of young people on the brink of their future singing their hearts out, loved it. They were without a doubt all together now.


While this isn’t earth shattering or anything important, happy I wore some colorful clothes.

Every day dress, all together now, floral on floral.

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  1. Beautiful in every way!

  2. Love it!

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