all white, a little red


To greet the weekend, definitely going with one of the basic tenets of every day dress: enjoy a glass of wine.

As promised yesterday, here is the new neutral-  all white, with a little red in the shoe and the bracelet. A glass of red helps with the photo composition, too.

Love buying good clothes and accessories and wearing them all the time. Women, let’s wear our stuff, what are we waiting for?

Barbara, loved too our lunch date yesterday. Jeans and tank seen here? They will be worn and worn and worn until they can’t be worn any more and then be cleaned. Easier on the environment, easier on the mind when wondering what to wear, and easier on the packing when wanting to get away quick and light.

Every day dress wears all white on a Friday with a little red in the shoe and a little red in the hand.

Have a great weekend everyone.

Thanks for reading. Stressed about the blog yesterday, we are at 45,000 site views so some of you must find this a little interesting…



white jeans | last year | DL1961

white tank | last Summer | Worth New York

black  shoe with a little red | last Fall | Christian Louboutin

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