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Wouldn’t it be great to be one of those girls, maybe for five minutes or a day, the fashion bloggers that spend vacation weeks in Greece with a fabulous beach wardrobe, are twenty-six years old and kind of only really worry about what outfit they are wearing next, or totally connected financially, socially, and geographically?

Not happening here at every day dress, have lived here in upstate New York almost forty-eight years. Have had a love of fashion as long as I can remember, rode by bicycle at the age of eleven while parents were out to the neighborhood pharmacy to buy the most current issue of Vogue magazine, and have helped to dress other women since oldest daughter was born, twenty-three years ago.

After a full day of pulling weeds and moving very heavy furniture, chose earth tones to dress the tired body for a lovely dinner with husband and two youngest daughters out in town. Earth tones, really not the wardrobe usual, but loving this bandeau top for a hot summer night. Went with this color, Cinnamon, as like the shoemakers son dressed all the best clients in the first color choice, Carbon or Black, and now the earth tones are left, Cinnamon and Olive, and recently bought them both.

Yes, jeans are still tight, farmer girl at heart, and every day dress wears earth tones on a Saturday night out in the country.

Like the bandeau top? Email me here,, and will see what I can do. Earth tones, most likely.

Bandeau | Worth New York | Spring Summer 2013


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