Almost Friday

Waking up early is the best.
Daily walks have been non-negotiable.

It’s almost the first Friday of this gorgeous month of October, and we’re heading into a long holiday weekend, yippee! Yesterday morning I woke up and watched the sunrise before getting into everything, and it was glorious.

All the fall feels.

I cut an armful of marigolds and such, all grown from seed, and wrapped them up into a kitchen towel before heading home city-side. Arranged in three different-sized glasses, they bring me simple joy.

I wish you all an excellent start to the long weekend ahead.

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Weekend

  2. Lovely post, Rebecca! I saw in an earlier one that one of your daughters has a gorgeous Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Would you recommend the breeder she used?

    • Thank you for your kind comment. I am sorry to say that Sarah’s breeder where she got her beautiful Mazi is not in business anymore. 🙁 Mazi is a perfect pup!

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