are you wearing the right size?


Many of my clients arrive wearing clothes that are simply too big. Yes, we all have body image issues going on, large or small, haven’t really met too many women that don’t, but, are you wearing the right size?

Take some time, check and really look at what you are wearing, disregard the size on the tag, and consult maybe with a trusted confident or professional to see if you are truly wearing the right size.

Most women, and I speak from experience here, wear, buy, and order clothing that is too large. A fitted silhouette on all figures, size 0 or 16, is truly more flattering.

Worked with my mom for two years to get her to go down from a size MD to SM. Her shape did not change. Her look was simply more by wearing clothing that was closer to her body. She is 74 and a good size 12 in skirts, sometimes 10, and pants. On top she always thought she was a MD, no, a SM looks so much better. She agrees and is now happy and more confident.

So, here is the question, are you wearing the right size? Do you feel good in your clothing? Would love to hear your thoughts…

Dress shown, Worth New York | Summer 2013 | size XP and size SM, which do you prefer? I can take the heat if you think the size XP is too tight, size PT, sold out. Wanted the dress.

Really trying to help, have seen so many women wear clothing that is simply too big for them…

Every day dress.

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  1. You always used to buy your clothes too big! … Especially jeans … Looks like you have learned small (unless it’s white pants/jeans) looks better 🙂


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