at the hip

We like to be fuss-free so today tied a scarf at the hip. Super easy, and these photos don’t do it justice: it was literally freezing outside and daughter and I spent less than four minutes snapping these pics at an industrial site that is a walkable distance from our house. That scarf rode up on the hips a bit after the quick car ride. Simply needed a little tug, and we were cold.

This was our outfit of the day, and the two nights before, without the scarf. Simple sleeveless turtleneck sweater and some leather front pants. The boots are Birks, that’s all I got clearance for and really all I can manage. Wore this to the women’s club I joined a year ago, and brought ‘the mom’ with me, for a Thomas Jefferson architecture lecture followed by lunch. After the lunch went directly home and feet up, again. It was a day.

same outfit, different nail color, really liking the red now

A few women have asked me, ‘foot surgery?’, and ‘both feet at once?’ Asked the doc at consultation that if it were his wife or his daughter what would he recommend and he replied yes, both at once. Kind of like wearing a dress, one and done. Really couldn’t imagine doing this recovery thing twice, we’ve already watched every episode of The Crown.

Essie ‘lacquered up’

With the cut hair we’ve also been into some short red nails. Picked up this Essie polish for $9, and it kind of feels right. Good news- laptop arrived today, woot woot.

We’ve also been reading, and prowling the internet. We’ve read things about creativity, and being productive, all from the couch, really a good feeling, not really. Thinking about changing the routine up, and posting in the morning, instead of late day. We googled ‘how to quit Facebook’, and then decided we’re probably not quitting Facebook, even though we don’t know how to really do Facebook. Social media is good, and then it’s bad, and we’re really exploring balance I guess.

After all this thinking we’re coming back to this: we want to write about two simple yet two absolute every day topics, what to wear and what to eat, for women and those they love. Please know we’ve missed our time in the kitchen, and please know we’ve read tons about food, and cookery.

Enough of the ramble, wishing you all good health.

Every day dress, at the hip. xo

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  1. Have you read “Six Seasons: A New Way with Vegetables” by Joshua McFadden? The herbed butter seemed right up your alley. (Not affiliated w/the cookbook – just really liked it)

    • I have not, yet it’s going to the top of the list. Recently I’ve been inspired by ‘The Lost Kitchen’ by Erin French and ‘Cook Beautiful’ by Athena Calderone. Thank you for reading, commenting, and for the book referral. Butter is love…xo

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