seeking style

Trying to stay somewhat style relevant while getting decades older and hanging with people decades younger, hello good-looking children, fiance, and girlfriend: challenging, even on a good day. As mentioned, we’ve been thinking about life, and the blog, and the business, and while we’ve committed to helping our clients look great, we’ve gotten a little lost along the way.

We’re working our way back, this morning hit the gym for 30 minutes on the rowing machine, can’t really use the feet yet, and then booked a onsite immediate haircut. Took about four inches off all around; looking for a little style in our day-to-day look.

Still in recovery mode, and was gifted this ‘vodka, sweatpants, and a billion dollars‘ tee by second younger daughter and second son’s girlfriend. Vodka in a good bloody is a yes, sweatpants will do as long as their black, and luxurious, and the billion dollars will just have to wait. We’re just seeking style.

Had a sweet phone call with a client in her just eighties, she does Pilates several times a week. She said, ‘keep on pushing through’. Good counseling.



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  1. Well, you inspire me!! Hit the gym to lose the 10lbs care of SF tech office lunch menu. And trying to keep up with the young ones is exhausting. I forget how old I am when at work, and then they all go somewhere afterward and forget to invite me. Oh, yeah, I’m old 🙁 Know several women in their 70’s and 80’s and they all say the same…”keep on moving”


    • Hello Margarita— well, I for sure would invite you after work. 🙂 Thanks for reading, and commenting. Yes, let’s all ‘keep on moving’! Xo R

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