Best Little Boost

simply looking for a little space

Family’s in town, and I’ve been running. Not a lot, three and half miles or so a couple of times a week. I used to run every single day way back when, needed that head clearing space, that endorphin rush when we had six littles. Three of those littles now thirty or more, and the other three early and late twenties, still chasing it. The very best little boost, a run here and there. 

It’s kind of funny, I was running this past summer too when family was in town, just a little loop to get away, never far. Nowhere really to go, so one foot in front of the other, up and down country roads. 

Wore out my first pair of Adidas Boost, a fifty-fifth birthday gift from the husband last July. He bought what was normally my size, and they ran a size too big, so back I went to do the exchange for size. Just so you know, I never exchange gifts from the husband, always accept them with gratitude and pleasure, this was simply an exchange for size. Went for same model, same color, wanted him to know he got it right. 

miles to go before we rest

Last weekend we went out for new shoes, running/walking on the daily is the thing here, and I bought another pair, black, of course, and they are great. No break in time, they are good to go, fresh out of the box. 

I think of the run and or walk as a kind of daily moving meditation. We still have so far to go. Moving meditation, so very vital. 

it’s a good shoe, getting out every day is the very best

If you too like to get out and get your steps in, the Adidas Boost feels great and looks good. My tip is to size down an entire size. Second daughter says to size down a size and a half. You could easily wear these anywhere you might be going, moving meditation or not. 

moving every day, grateful

Every day dress, the best little boost.

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