Simple Clothes, and Crêpes

stonewashed denim, white blouse, cropped metallic sweater, Golden Goose sneakers
simple brass Restoration Hardware crib, paper templates for hanging the artwork
making another paper template to hang a new mirror

We arrived in Florida two weeks ago, and it’s been all about setting up and settling in. Caroline, Sean, Peyton and Sarah arrive Saturday, so we’ve been adding a crib, and a highchair, to our mostly minimal décor. 

Our house was the quarantine hub last spring for nine young adults, and then abruptly abandoned once the weather got better up north. Grateful they all had a place to be together, those were some tough months; March, April, and May of 2020. 

hanging more art in a very minimal bedroom
how can you resist, so delicious, and felt so accomplished flipping all of these

We’ve been cleaning and organizing pretty much non-stop, and all that outdoor grill, refrigerator, freezer, and garage scrubbing calls for simple clothes, and, since I’m finishing up French Pastry School, a big pile of crêpes.

lightweight black turtleneck, hair pulled back, all white walls and drapery
mirror is hung, flowers from our upcoming houseguests, thank you Caroline, Sean, and Peyton

I loved my Buffalo Club gel manicure, thank you Lisa, and it held up non-stop (almost three weeks!), until just the other day. Color was OPI Meet My Decorator, so good. 

isn’t that man in the background just so handsome?

A white blouse stonewashed blue denim, and a good red polish in my world, a winning trifecta. Sneakers or suede loafers, bonus points. 

simple late breakfast, poolside

Simple clothes and some crêpes filled with Nutella, getting the work done. 

seeking simple style inspiration

Here’s to good clothes and good food, every single day. 

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