black and blue


We’ve been out of the loop for a little, thinking about all things large and small…

Still in major wardrobe edit mode, always affirming to daughters and clients good things take time, and often longer than expected. We’ve been editing the lifestyle as well, and have found comfort and joy in simple things like polishing copper pots, and silver flatware. First daughter tells me she won’t come home for Thanksgiving unless the house is clean, so clean we are.

Professional life has been edited as well, and that’s a good turn after doing work that was really only moderate at best while constantly being pulled in multiple directions. Black and blue? Yes, change can hurt.




On the style front husband and I attended the most beautiful gala ever; the opening celebrating Picasso: The Artist and His Models at the Albright-Knox Art Gallery, presenting sponsor being the extraordinary Delaware North. Food was art, and art was Picasso, absolutely soul-stirring.

Wore one of our favorite color combinations, black and blue, or more specifically black and navy. Even when dressing for black tie events we never seem to have a lot of time, so like to keep things easy. Easy it was, in separates: a long satin-paneled crepe maxi skirt, and a navy satin draped blouse. Both pieces were new for this event and go with the current wardrobe edit going on, and both pieces will be worn again and again, and separately, giving credit to buy well, wear more. Our recent clothing purchases have been relatively lean, given that clothes are our thing, really wanted something new for this event. Black suede sandals are one of our closet basics, and those were picked up while traveling four years ago.

It’s been twelve days since last blog post, have really missed you all, it’s just that we have had life going on all around, as it should…

Every day dress, and black and blue. xoxo

skirt | Ann Demeulemeester

blouse | Ronal Mouret


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  1. You look beautiful! Have missed your posts.❤️

    • Thank you dear Sheila, you know, life going on.

      • Absolutely understand. Happy Thanksgiving!

        • And Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours. xo R

  2. I love your top

    • thank you, great addition to the rotation

  3. Are you still involved with worth or editing that as well? Have been asked to be a stylist in Tampa and not sure if it will work. Would love your comments pro and con.

    • Oh, I absolutely encourage all women that are interested in connecting with other women through a beautiful product to become engaged with Worth New York. Wouldn’t trade my experience for anything. In fact, I’ve encouraged a woman close to me to do exactly what I’ve done for the last five years, it’s now her time. Continuing on as a stylist, for sure. I’m editing out the managing and travel piece, still have two young women at home (one a senior in high school and one a junior), and one adult daughter that has moved home after life in a big city, and I really like to be here for them. Yes, go for it. Worth Ltd. is an incredible opportunity and company.

  4. Beautiful! Always look forward to seeing your posts in my inbox. Editing going on at our house too. Empty nesters as well as grandparents. Have to adapt to the changes.

    • Thank you, and thank you for reading. LOVE that you are grandparents, and so looking forward to that. Yes, change happens, and it’s good and fun to adapt. What else is there? xo R

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