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Always moving and working to make good things happen, I was recently asked ‘what do you do all day after you drop your daughter at school?’. And she’s youngest of six.


Like women (and men) all over, plenty.

Really no need to list it all, we all get it, I think. And with that thought this post is titled meet me here.

Kind of where I like to meet all the humans in my life, where they are, doing their best.

Now, some style notes: had my momma take this photo outside of our work space, at the bus stop. She likes the pink silk, not so much the rips. Promised myself that I was not buying one more pair of denim with rips at the knee, yet this was the favorite Emerson fit, and there was embroidery. Sold. Thank you Juliana and Tony Walker & Co. As for the blouse, you know, what we do most days, Worth New York. They show it looking fab all tied up in a bow, we style it kind of rogue, a loose square knot with sleeves all rolled up. Momma, we always try to wear good shoes, especially with our rips. 🙂


Every day dress, meet me here, and I’ll meet you there too, wherever you are at that time. xoxo

Powder Pink Charmeuse Tie Neck Blouse | Worth New York

Citizens of Humanity Emerson | @ Tony Walker & Co

Bag | Vintage Hermes | Heritage Auctions

Shoe | Christian Louboutin

photos aren’t perfect, this is the every day 

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  1. You and I need a date, Bec . Miss you.

    • Umm, yes, and as this is posted as anonymous, I’m thinking it’s absolutely you my country house friend. xoxo

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