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Oldest daughter took last flight out of Boston Thursday night before all the weather hit. Her roommate, second daughter, college sophomore, decided to fend off the cold in the sort of empty apartment on Friday and invited half the men’s Boston College soccer team for a pasta dinner. Smart girl. So glad with all those academics she might have learned to cook a thing or two along the way.

Oldest daughter, Linnie, knows denim. Actually, come to think of it, all four daughters know denim. Can’t even begin to count the pile. As second son was set to DJ at the local rag & bone new release event here in Buffalo, NY, Linnie insisted that a pre-party stop-in to update the denim wardrobe was an absolute necessity.

So, while fashion week has gone on in NYC and every day dress has followed along socially, we had our own little live fashion night out, here, Friday. Linnie was asked to model and with a little coaxing, said yes. Every day dress was asked to model too, and after a dressing room fit session, said thank you, but no. You know all that cake that’s been going down? Not a good look when considering modeling cool rag & bone. Bought a pair, black obviously, to wear to the event instead of being in the event. Much better choice.

Artists from Laura Mercier did the make-up, 716 NYC did the music, and rag & bone provided most of the fashion. Champagne, white wine, and pink frosted cupcakes were on hand and an absolutely fantastic Roberto Coin trunk show was going on as well. Fun Friday night. While certainly not fashion week, Buffalo does have it going on in an every day kind of fashion way. Thank you Tony Walker & Company.

Shown here are the said new black rag & bone’s shot in the home gym, where every day dress should be parked until dropping that cake weight. Included too are a few iPhone photos from the event proper.

Every day dress did Fashion First Fridays at Tony Walker & Company. Three of four daughters modeled, and second son DJ’d. Added five more pair to the pile. Miss you E and Booie. Thought of naming the post rag & bone but kind of afraid of search engine results. Went with black & blue. Happy Monday. Hope everyone is warm and dry.

Jeans | rag & bone

Blouse | Worth New York | love combining black & blue lately

one P.S.- Love reading all the latest fashion info and kind of love looking at super thin fashion images. Yes, the clothes look great but can’t imagine only eating apples and not doing push-ups or lunges. Every day dress images are for the every day.



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  1. Thank you for featuring us in your black and blue post. We loved having the whole family at our launch of rag & bone. We are looking forward to having your son DJ at our next big Fashion First Friday show on Friday, March 15th as we kick off our Spring Jean Trade In. This fashion show will feature DL and everything new in the world of denim for this Spring.

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