imageimageA classic wardrobe created over time helps the whole party get dressed and out the door when fancy last  minute dinner reservations are made. For Fat Tuesday, haha, the party went uptown.

As oldest daughter planned a three day visit and is now staying for twelve, couldn’t be happier, she needed something to wear when the skinny jeans just wouldn’t pass.

A closet of black dresses did the trick. As did the Chanel 2.55 handbag she has basically taken over since touchdown. It’s okay. Received it as a birthday gift for the 35th year and it has been a constant and classic key piece to the wardrobe ever since. Love that it looks great on her and makes her feel good when carrying it.

A little background to share with the younger girls: Coco released this classic piece in February of 1955. Therefore the numbered name, 2.55.

Classic bag and little black dresses to the every day dinner rescue when back in town with only skinny jeans.

Today, Wednesday, every day dress took the 5:45 am flight to JFK, dressed in black, black, and you guessed it, black. Helps to have the wardrobe classics when you need to get out the door quick.

This post done literally on the fly with iPhone and iPad only. Pretty cool for a forty-seven year old woman working from home in fashion to do, right? If you, or someone you know would like to do some cool fashion stuff too, email me here, Would love to add to the every day dress team in both big and small ways.

Thanks for reading. Let’s all go out and make it a great day.

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