blue blue blue


Weekend has been a blur but a good blur. Started a new program at work: get and be positive, make a plan, make it count, and spent Thursday and Friday making it count. Productivity and new worksheets, just like new books for back to school, felt good.

Friday night husband came home and he wanted out, he worked hard all week too. Had five minutes to get dressed, two teenaged girls that were all tucked in with laptops after first exhausting week at back to school at 7 pm had five minutes too. We all went blue blue blue.

Grabbed all that was blue.  Blue jeans, blue silk top, blue patent bag, blue blanket wrap. Had to be quick, we were all on the go. Sometimes picking one color and gathering everything you’ve got makes it easy to get out the door fast. Nothing new here, simply all wardrobe pieces collected over time.

Hoping everyone had a great back to school weekend.

Every day dress.

Blue Jeans | Paige

Blue Silk Blouse | Roberto Cavalli

Blue Patent Bag | Louis Vuitton

Blue Blanket Wrap | Hermés

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  1. Hello Rebecca. My name is Sandy White. Joanne Swiatowy from Village Spa gave me your name a while back and I have recently been enjoying your blogs and of course clothing. I do not have the greatest sense of fashion for myself. Will u please let me know your next showing of your collection and perhaps I can start with one or two items and build from there. My problem is I am only 5 ‘1″ so I find it difficult to find clothes that work for me. Looking forward to hearing back. Fondly, Sandy

    • Hello, Sandy! Thank you for reading, and commenting. Would love to talk fashion with you. The next trunk show is in late October, I will send you an evite. Perhaps we can talk on the phone before than and I can get an idea of your lifestyle and wardrobe needs? I will be in my office this week Wednesday Thursday and Friday and then not until September 24th. Let me know and let’s stay in touch. October will be here before we both know it! Best regards, Rebecca. (cell phone, 716-445-3033).

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