simply red lace sheath


Ordered this dress for upcoming trip with husband and second daughter to Spain, in five days no less, to help get her settled for her semester abroad and to celebrate our 26 years of marriage. Decided at the last-minute to wear it out this past weekend before we leave town.

Was it a little over the top when the men in the room were wearing jeans, expensive suede loafers, and Cucinelli blazers? Not at all. Sometimes it’s fun to wear something that is maybe a little ‘event’ for a night out that is more kind of ‘regular’.  This was a house party, a gift gathering event for the WNY Women’s Foundation, and there were about three dozen of us in all. By keeping the hair dead simple and no jewelry at all the simply red lace sheath felt just that, a simply red lace sheath. Really kind of liked wearing it when there wasn’t any pressure to be wearing the big event look. Much more fun to make it an every day dress.

You’ve probably seen the red lace dress around a little lately, Michael Kors, Dolce & Gabanna, Valentino. This dress here, by Worth New York, is in very good company. Can’t wait to wear it again in Spain, and France, and then again back in the states.

Every day dress is a simply red lace sheath. Wearing the fancy clothes a little more often can be unexpected and fun.

Simply Red Lace Sheath | Worth New York Fall 2013

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