bought a remote


New days are always new beginnings. Tomorrow, being November 1, can’t believe it, will be a new day. Blogging about fashion has been hard as this is a one woman show- love/need to care for husband and kids first, work second, and blog third. This week the volunteer community thing has been front and center and I can’t quite figure out how to get more done in one day.

In the spirit of bringing you more fashion info and looks, today bought a remote. And finally, after about four years, started to listen to the cd about camera usage. Photography, here I come…

Workaday outfit was of course black jeans, black silk blouse, black boots. Need to keep it simple when there is so much to do. Changed into a new top, with shoulder pads, for trick or treat festivities.

Trend alert, shoulder pads are making a comeback.

Every day dress. More tomorrow.


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