how to fit and wear suede pants


A little runway to reality: these pants, on stunning russian runway models, are cropped. How to wear them if you’re not 5’11’ with a 34″ inseam? Came by this pair from a fashion industry colleague that had an extra. So, rather than send them back, seems to be my mojo now, decided to keep them. Here’s a few ways to make suede pants work for you.

First, make sure the pants fit well on the widest part of the body. This case, it’s the thigh and athletic curvy behind. Trainer enforces tons of leg work with heavy weights. The pant should fit the parts with the most curves.

Second, realize that suede, a natural skin, will give. This pair will stretch with wear and see the tailor for alterations after one or two outings. Have a good tailor that can nip in the waistline.

Third, if you can do and like cropped, go for it. It’s a big trend on the runway now. In my fashion book, the short-legged version, the leg should be visually lengthened in all ways possible. Instead of cropped, consider right to the ankle bone. Add a shoe or short boot in the same color family as the pant. Try keeping the weight of the pant pretty much equal to the weight of the shoe. With suede, consider having some texture or heft going on with your shoe.

Lastly, know that suede pants, much like life, are not always pristine. Knock them around a bit and relish in some of the scruff marks. Enjoy.

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Deep Mocha Suede Jourdan Pant | Worth New York Winter 2012. Sweater | Louis Vuitton 2011. Shoe | Loeffler Randall 2010. Bag | Donna Karan New York 2006.

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