bring it back



DSC08046DSC08038DSC08041Bought this long strapless dress five or six years ago and wore it so many times couldn’t look at it anymore. Oldest daughter wore it too. Really thought it had run its course so tucked it away in the attic good will box. We have this thing in our house called ‘attic shopping’, and that’s exactly what I did. As I get behind on some of the small stuff, like cleaning out the attic, it was still there and I was able to bring it back.

Paired it with a new wool Missoni wrap and the only bag and pair of sandals that were brought on this getaway. The Missoni wrap worn and carried through on the plane, dress packs well, literally took it from good will box to body, and happy to be able to bring it back.

It’s still February friends, plenty of time to do a little attic shopping and bring something of yours back too.

Every day dress. Have a wonderful Sunday.


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