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Trendsetters are telling us this season there’s something happening about the crop top. While every day dress might not be putting any money towards that one, we will work it a little if it’s already in the closet.

Most often they are shown really cropped and worn with a skirt. You know those tops you have that fall maybe a little short? Now is the time to wear them and wear them with confidence.

This one is good as the lace overlay is longer than the lining so it offers a little more coverage.

Bought this piece for holiday parties and here you see it with the same essential white jean, packed only one pair for five days, same bag, same suede shoe, same enamel bracelets.

Every day dress kind of works the crop top trend. Let’s always take the stairs.

Peacock Macrame Lace Cutaway | Worth New York

Classic Straight Leg in Clean White | 7 For All Man Kind

Bag | Vintage Hermès | Heritage Auctions

Mayfair Suede Open-Toe Ankle Boot | Aquazurra | Saks Fifth Avenue

Enamel Printed Bracelets | Hermès

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  1. Seriously? One pair of jeans — white, no less — for five days? Oh, to be like you…

    • 🙂 learned that from sailing and traveling to Europe – it’s always easier with less. Less choice, less stress.

  2. ✈️ love the great packing advice- pick a tone warm/cool and go with it-
    so smart.
    I always over pack. Once again you inspire me.
    Post more travel tips!!!

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