burger buttered ranch


Time for a food post: served up cheeseburgers, buttered egg noodles, and simple salad with sliced cucumbers and ranch dressing. Went organic as much as possible and put the condiments in ramekins to make it feel like dinner.

Crazy busy day, like everyone else, and oftentimes it’s not what’s served but the coming together.

Husband has a ‘drink now’ shelf of wines that are fair for the taking so when he doesn’t feel like partaking, no fear on this end. A simple Barolo went nicely.

Rounded out the night with local ice cream sandwiches picked up from the 7 Eleven along with the rolls for the burgers. No time for the full grocery stop today.

Every day dress does burgers, buttered noodles, and green salad with ranch dressing. It’s a good day.

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