casual mix-up


For last night out in Naples FL with walking for ice cream high on the agenda, went casual and kind of mixed it all up. Floral print jeans, black silk top, fancy sneakers, fancier small clutch, and wrapped all up in Cream side out Reversible Kimono Coat.

Not sure if this one is outfit repeat ready, worked for the night and worked with what was packed. One thing I do love about this look though is taking the Jimmy Choo Glitter Clutch and pairing it with jeans and sneakers. Casual mix-up.

Every day dress back in upstate New York and pretty much down under with DayQuil and NyQuil. Doing what is needed to get through the day and then hitting the sack.

Blog party is happening this Thursday night, reply here if you like to celebrate fashion and lifestyle. Perfetto, 617 Washington St or 617 Main St, both entrances will get you there, across from Shea’s, Buffalo, 5 – 7 pm. Will be so ready to have a glass of champagne with you all.

Stay well.

Not giving up. Love what I do. There are women out there, I know it.

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  1. Feel better Rebecca! See you on Thursday!!! Looking forward to it!! Kathi Sullivan

    • Thanks, Kathi. You always send a nice little comment at the exact right time. 🙂 Looking forward to seeing you Thursday as well. Here’s to life!

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