simple spring

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Nothing really fancy, doing our simple spring things: grocery store cut white flowers all over the house, daily walks with the dogs, composed salads for lunch with weeknight leftover sliced roast chicken. Always keep some canned artichokes and kalamta olives on hand.


Cooking up a few good things for the holiday tomorrow, and although we’ve cut back on new dresses and patent leather shoes all around, had to send the kids out for the foiled eggs. Really don’t think we can get through ham and eggs tomorrow without a mouthful of chocolate.


Love to all, love a simple spring. xoxo

All photos with the humble iPhone, simple.


roasted weekdays

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We turned the clocks, and have yet to catch up. Roasted weekdays for sure.

Family won’t touch a white or a red potato yet they’ll go for the sweet. Bread? Not so much. Maybe if it’s in crouton form with butter is love, olive oil, kosher salt and minced garlic.

We’ve been roasting up some organic chickens and stretching them out two days now.


Spring flowers are poking through.

Hope you’re all having a great start to the week. A bit behind here, we’ll catch up soon. xoxo


Every day dress and completely roasted weekdays.

ps. oh, since we’re talking and looking at food cooked up some great burgers for friends this weekend and topped them with a slowly pan-fried over-easy egg. 🙂 no photo, it was sublime. 🙂


pss. lovely candle on the kitchen counter with the laptop and days old tulips gifted from a dear friend and colleague. Thinking of you and thanks for the sweet call(s) yesterday. Yes, the garlic is going. 🙂

feed the kids

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For work on a Saturday wore of course black leather jeans, black shirt, black boots. Only a smidge of make-up, slept way past 7 am and didn’t get out of bed until 9:30, yikes.

To finish the simple look tied a ‘blessings in a backpack‘ scarf on: this accessory helps feed the kids, and if you’ve read along you know we’re all about that.

Company I work with, Worth New York, donates towards this not-for-profit with each piece sold. All good stuff.

Every day dress, and always feed the kids. xoxo


scarf, shirt, belt | Worth New York

in for the night

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Professionally we’ve been working trunk show all week, and today was a roadie. Dressing beautiful and busy women in beautiful clothing. Yeah, it’s been all dressed up. Yet at the end of the day it’s all about being in for the night: as in good food, bare feet, and maybe second daughter’s last boyfriends hoodie. 🙂 Don’t really think he’s getting it back.

It’s been a great week, working on all kinds of fun projects: we’re talking about you Wendy in Phoenix AZ!

Three of eight hopped on planes this morning, all going different directions. Love you all, safe travels.

Last night we cooked up some whole wheat pasta with brie, small organic tomatoes, homegrown basil, thank you Ethan. Pan-sauteed chicken on the side and a green salad rounded things out. Night before we did beef short ribs with parsnip puree. Photos of the short ribs and puree are weak, they were snapped with the iPhone, these are busy days, yet the food I must say was beyond.



TGIF, hope everyone had a great week; we’re in for the night, and every day dress. Make the bed, protein for breakfast, get out of the yoga clothes, put on some makeup, walk the dogs, make some dinner, enjoy a glass of wine. xoxo


Lexi, great job on the dessert plate and nice manicure. 🙂

double up

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For impromptu Sunday brunch in ski town, did ham and bacon, two dozen eggs, roasted potatoes, a bunch of spinach with walnuts, blue cheese and mandarin oranges, and wore double denim while cooking and serving.


Set the table for ten, five more came second shift, no cloth napkins, something had to give, totally impromptu.


When you’ve just gotta do it, sometimes it’s just easier to simply double up.

Happy Monday. xoxo

Denim Shirt | Worth New York Spring 2016

home, alone

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Fourth child, second daughter, home, not really alone, she’s got our two dogs to let in and out, with endless snow coming down. Big place for one person. Takes her 500+ steps just to get a cup of coffee. Thanks Booie, for holding down the fort.

Fifth child, third daughter, we’re down here at the condo, where you can clean the thing without even once unplugging the vacuum cleaner, love that. What was supposed to be a quick in and out escape has turned into a full week. Sixth child, fourth daughter, she’s in Budapest. Oldest daughter, back in NYC.

Snowed in, in FL. Home is wherever you make it. Flying out later today.

Photo taken with the iPhone on the nightstand. Only packed a few simple accessories, and again, only a carry-on.

Cute little kids kissing? That’s the valentine, from me to him.

I needed ya.

I got ya.

I’m keeping ya.

Love ya. 

Happy Thursday everyone. Back in the office tomorrow, full tilt, we’ve got spring coming. Trunk Show starts Friday, February 26th. xoxo


fast food for five

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We were dressed proper all day long for school run drop-off, conference calls, desk work, a colleague meeting, school run pick-up and a board meeting. Six-thirty bam and everyone’s kind of wondering what’s for dinner.







Bring it on, fast food for five: five grass-fed rib-eyes, three heads of romaine, a bunch of green beans. Had a loaf of fresh bread with salted butter on stand-by, no carb takers. Add a dog or two behind the sink, rips and second son’s white linen shirt, dinner served.



Make it easy, pick up some steaks and a bunch of green stuff, fast food for five or whatever. First thing in the morning put your hair up in top-knot and bake-off some banana bread. Kitchen time is soulful.



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