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Life moves fast and we’re moving quickly towards our spring summer trunk show. In addition to about 400+ separates and accessories we will also have 74 different dresses to show you, one for your every mood and occasion: Friday April 22nd – Thursday April 28th.

Shown above is one of my picks worn last week after a day at the beach, no kidding. Pulled it out of the trunk of the car and changed in the front seat.

To have a look at our 74 dresses and more, schedule your online appointment here with me or Michelle: www.worthnewyork.com/rebecca-collins, www.worthnewyork.com/michelle-capizzi.


shoe games

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Spent an entire day on my feet in the kitchen cooking brunch for ten and then dinner for eight. Daytime activities called for pink patent loafers. When you’re going full-tilt the shoe game has to be spot on or you might as well be barefoot.


Switched to the old rockstuds for evening shenanigans. Clearly I was the last one at the table. 🙂 Thought about letting that pair go a few seasons ago when I felt they were overdone, happy I hung on.


for the long haul

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We started this site four years ago to look at fashion for women that might have kids, job(s), a home, maybe two, dogs, and day and night commitments and needed to be dressed. It’s kind of evolved to more of a style site, as in lifestyle: we’re in it for the long haul.

So, here’s one of my favorite photos from 2015, youngest daughter head down awaiting check-in at a London hotel after her very first long haul flight. She’s in my lap, and wrapped in my wrap. Never travel without one of those.

A few style notes: we’re both dressed in flat boots, and denim. I’ve got on two scarves kind of, one around the neck and one around the shoulders. They both helped with the transition.

Now she flies with ease, she nailed Prague, Budapest and Vienna, classmates thought she was best dressed. 🙂 Always in walkable boots, and with her own wrap.


Every day dress, we’re in it for the long haul, of course.



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Dressing for us has to be easy, and effortless. Why does it take so much work to put basic clothes on sometimes? I have clients tell me that they can spend up to an hour in their closet trying to get out the door and the best they can come up with is denim and black, they’re in the creative field. Really? 🙂


Yeah, that’s our favorite too yet to make things a little more interesting added those off white waxed cotton Alice pant to the rotation. Kind of liking the high waist, relaxed fit, and self-belt. Mixed in a wardrobe basic Wolford bodysuit and a relaxed suede jacket. Aquazurra suede shoe boots and done.

Additional footnote: thinking we’re really more about style, not so much the word ‘fashion’, and enduring style at that. Clothes you can count on, over and over.


Every day dress, really. Good clothes for daily wear.

feed the kids

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For work on a Saturday wore of course black leather jeans, black shirt, black boots. Only a smidge of make-up, slept way past 7 am and didn’t get out of bed until 9:30, yikes.

To finish the simple look tied a ‘blessings in a backpack‘ scarf on: this accessory helps feed the kids, and if you’ve read along you know we’re all about that.

Company I work with, Worth New York, donates towards this not-for-profit with each piece sold. All good stuff.

Every day dress, and always feed the kids. xoxo


scarf, shirt, belt | Worth New York


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New clothing can be mood lifting and transformative; think I’ve been thinking this since the second grade.

Still believe and love the power of dress. Tomorrow starts our trunk show, to get the groove on ordered five new things yesterday, overnight shipping, why not. UPS, they deliver. Hit the submit button a little before noon and next morning boom, the box is at the front door.




Finding that less can be more and that choosing things thoughtfully, for clients, daughters, myself, creates more long-term style. The base here is black Wolford body-suit, have had that thing forever, black leather jeans, black boots. The body-suit and the leather jeans both go in the wash.

Picked two shirts, one denim, naturally, and a poppy suede. One tweed jacket, a pair of white slouchy pants, and a navy dress with a striped sheer overlay. I’ll separate those two, wear the dress as a stand-a-lone, add the denim or suede shirt or maybe even the tweed, and I’ll mix up the sheer striped overlay with a tank and blue jeans. Wardrobe upgrade, done.

We’ll be at the PLAZA SUITES through next week Thursday. New clothes for your every mood.

five new pieces | Worth New York Spring 2016

rebecca | www.worthnewyork.com/rebecca-collins

michelle | www.worthnewyork.com/michelle-capizzi

on stripes and more

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We’ve been in a bit of a funk lately, sister in northern CA tells me this happens every February. Not sure what to wear, not sure what to do, so we simply buckle in and stick to the basics.

Spring always feels good in stripes, especially navy and white, so we wore that last week down south. The black shirt on the striped bed? That thing is a necessity, wear it on the plane, throw it on the floor, wear it again, sleep in it, wear it over a bikini, wear it again back on the plane. Machine wash, dry, repeat. Thinking all women need this.

We start our spring trunk show Friday, lots of good striped things. Photos still with the iPhone, not quite organized. Really only good pic is the lunch photo for one:


basics, every day

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We think fresh flowers, fancy lingerie, dark pedicures, blue jeans and white shirts are every day basics.

Happy Valentine’s Day all, let’s find beauty in the simple.

Basics, every day.

All photos lately with the iPhone, locked my camera in my car and can’t find my keys. Basics, right?

uniform dressing

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When you’re in the middle of your work/family/runaround routine, uniform dressing fits the bill. Quick photos that went back and forth, oldest daughter in NYC wearing the ubiquitous all black, me here in BUF doing the same.

We’re in the mid-February hum for sure.

Happy Tuesday. Every day dress, all about the column of non-color right about now.

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