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We’ve been working on a big event, the 8th annual What She’s Made Of celebration to benefit the WNY Women’s Foundation– lots of energy here, and it’s happening Wednesday May 18th, 5 pm, at world-renowned Albright-Knox Art Gallery.

You know we love women, and what we’re all made of, and how we evolve. This year’s speaker, Wendy Selig-Prieb, started her career in corporate law, became president of a major league baseball club, and then transitioned into fashion. A leader always, she now lends her voice to motivational speaking and philanthropy.

We may not all be CEO’s, yet we can all be optimists and create a life we love for sure.  Her keynote, ‘Create a Life You Love by Becoming Your Chief Entrepreneurial Optimist’, promises to be exceptional and motivate us to move to new heights.

To be part of Western New York’s biggest networking event, click here to visit the WNY Women’s Foundation website.

Every day dress and what she’s made of, always.




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New clothing can be mood lifting and transformative; think I’ve been thinking this since the second grade.

Still believe and love the power of dress. Tomorrow starts our trunk show, to get the groove on ordered five new things yesterday, overnight shipping, why not. UPS, they deliver. Hit the submit button a little before noon and next morning boom, the box is at the front door.




Finding that less can be more and that choosing things thoughtfully, for clients, daughters, myself, creates more long-term style. The base here is black Wolford body-suit, have had that thing forever, black leather jeans, black boots. The body-suit and the leather jeans both go in the wash.

Picked two shirts, one denim, naturally, and a poppy suede. One tweed jacket, a pair of white slouchy pants, and a navy dress with a striped sheer overlay. I’ll separate those two, wear the dress as a stand-a-lone, add the denim or suede shirt or maybe even the tweed, and I’ll mix up the sheer striped overlay with a tank and blue jeans. Wardrobe upgrade, done.

We’ll be at the PLAZA SUITES through next week Thursday. New clothes for your every mood.

five new pieces | Worth New York Spring 2016

rebecca | www.worthnewyork.com/rebecca-collins

michelle | www.worthnewyork.com/michelle-capizzi

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