Chicken Pot Pie

A simple Sunday family dinner in the dining room.
Chicken Pot Pie mise en place. I forgot the peas, for they were in the freezer and I was thinking of ten other things to do!
This Staub pot and the flat-end wooden spatula are some of my favorites.
Lining everything up on a clean kitchen countertop makes for easy assembly. I still didn’t realize here that the peas were missing.
I’m ready for the puff pastry top. Is anyone out there interested in the 60″ Viking gas range? We’re working on a partial kitchen renovation, and I’m switching out to a dual-fuel range for greater baking efficiency.
I am applying the egg wash while wearing a favorite denim apron.

A couple of things I think about and frequently discuss with the women in my life are what’s for dinner, what we should all wear, and how the weather is. Each one is related to the next: we’re hungry and enjoy food. We want to dress well for whatever meal we might be enjoying together. The weather can affect how we feel, what we do for ourselves and others all day, the food we crave, and how we dress—a simple little storm of a trifecta.

Isn’t Rory so cute? Mom, Lindsey, in a denim shirt.

For comfort, one of the requested meals is Chicken Pot Pie. Chicken Pot Pie swoops into the rescue when someone we love travels a long distance to come home or feels like they need a food hug.

With summer weather in flux and fall around the corner, I’m sure I’ll be asked to serve this up. The last time I made it, I got chatting in the kitchen and forgot to add the peas. The peas on the side were just fine.

Aunt Booie is holding Jacqueline while wearing denim before dinner is served.

For Chicken Pot Pie, I might wear denim, comfort all around.

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