Clothes for Life

cashmere sweater, leather pant: Lafayette 148. sandal: Jimmy Choo

Last twelve months have led to lots of reconsiderations, new clothing purchases right up there at the top with good health and wellness habits. Sure, I sell clothes, and have loved beautiful clothing for as long as I can remember. It’s just that now, it’s more about clothes for life. 

I’ve always told my clients that even if it’s free (talking about things on sale), if you don’t wear it and don’t love it, it still costs you. Time in your head, room in your world, cost from your bank. Really not worth it. 

Leather, cashmere, wool, cotton, good shoes and bags, things to wear, care for, keep. 

same leather pant, black silk blouse, black slide, worn on repeat
same silk blouse, same slide, favorite denim
same sweater, different color, if it works it works, same slide, same favorite denim

Would rather have a few good things that can be worn on repeat than lots of things taking up space.

Also, really into mending and repair, and here’s a good podcast:

hand mending this dress before cleaning, I try to clean garments as little as possible, getting as many wears as I can before washing
dropped these off today at the cobbler in St. Pete’s, they are several seasons in and need some love, I’m having them resoled.

Of course, my brain is full of new looks and desires for spring, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t crave a little something new.

Here’s to clothes for life. 

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