French Pastry School

salted butter caramels from Brittany, they take over an hour plus of constant stirring, whisking, and watching.
each batch keeps getting better and better
source your best ingredients, digital thermometer is key

Last fall I decided I wanted to come out the other side of Covid with something more than a healthy daily wine habit, so I enrolled in The French Pastry School. Hard work, French Pastry School. Like most good things, it took me longer than expected, and I had to pay for an extension, life as usual. Graduated last weekend with a 96.48, and 31st in class out of 100, woot!

Studying online has been my way of learning things the last six years. Two youngest daughters had to get the gist of it these last twelve months, and it’s been challenging. They pulled it together and pulled through, proud of them for making the most of a very remote and isolated college experience.

8 x 8 inch square ready for slicing
mise en place for macarons
baked shells, love those feet
kitchen equipment, red mani/pedi, and Burks

I think it’s been particularly tough ride for the young adults, maybe my Salted Butter Caramels from Brittany or French Meringue Almond Macarons might help sweeten their at-home study session. If you too are interested in online cooking skills, check out Rouxbe, I’ve learned well, with and despite of the wine. Love all things French, moderation my friend.

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  1. Beckie love, Yum! Kids leave Sunday, let’s try to do lunch or something- I’m here 2 more weeks. So impressed mon amie with your French pastry accomplishments ❤️

  2. Beckie love, Yum! Kids leave Sunday. Let’s plan lunch or something next week if it works. So impressed with your French pastry accomplishments. Lotsa ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Beckie Love,
    Yum!!! So impressed with your dedication to cooking. Caramels and macaroons are my favorite- would never think to attempt! I’m in Siesta two more weeks; kids (and chaos)leave Sunday. Lunch or something next week? I’m totally free and would be happy to come and see you. Love you!

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