confused, now more than ever

We’ve been cooking, and eating and drinking for sure, one of life’s great pleasures, and reading and studying. So, what are we supposed to really eat? Low carb, gluten-free, no sugar, Paleo, whole grains, vegan, plant-based, wtf. Add to that and we’ve moved for decades, in all kinds of ways.

Now we’re interested in more than simply the jean size, we want to keep the brain strong, and the joints fluid.

Confused by the research, and the marketing.

Last night did some gasp, pasta! Tonight we did coho salmon, with cauliflower ‘couscous’.

Both nights, tomatoes in the mix, canned San Marzano in the sauce and local homegrown with the fish.  Are they inflammatory? Do we simply want to add color to our plate and not eat those things?

The quest continues. In the meantime we topped off one of the best local berry pies of the summer with vanilla ice cream and scratch full fat whipped cream. Double trouble, I guess.

no makeup, happy at work on Labor Day 

best pants of the season, faux leather joggers

We’re also in the office, working on mindful luxury in the wardrobe for all our women.

Every day dress, every day cook.

what we do with our spare time, load the SUV with white chrysanthemums

doing the work, in a Dolce and Gabbana bikini

yeah, this is 52 and 20 or so extra pounds, why we are confused, now more than ever

switched out the planters for fall 17


ps. no Photoshop, ever, way too much computer work for us.



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  1. You are still the most beautiful person in the whole wide world! …inside and out!

  2. All of Italy begs you to put Tom & Gisele’s diet where it belongs. The Bradys don’t look the way they do because they eschew nightshade vegetables, and Italians live long, relaxed and fun-filled lives because they don’t overthink everything. Eat real food, not too much, mostly plants 😉 E n j o y y o u r s e l f!

    • In my heart of hearts I know you are spot on! Still get suckered into the latest gimmick and know I/we should all know better. Julia Child lived to be 92 and she ate, drank, and even smoked a little. Thanks for keeping it real.

  3. Totally agree Rebecca! Moderation is the key. Your beautiful food inspires me to eat healthy & mindfully. Enjoying life & taking care of our health is forefront! Bon Appetit! (You look fantastic!). ❤️

  4. More information more doubts, but also more choises. I believe that balance is the best way to leave, eat and drink! Thanks for so nice posts.

  5. Your just too beautiful!! Inside and out

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