get things done

Husband says I start stuff and leave it at 90%, yikes, so not cool. Is he talking about the laundry? Surely not dinner, haha.

This professional cooking school thing has me; it’s good, and it’s hard. We’re clocked in at 96% done with 96% average, and need to finish. Most things in life take longer than anticipated, this I know.

all this dairy free, gluten-free, raw stuff…

turns into this chocolate ganache torte

again, gluten-free, dairy free

penne Carbonaro (it’s tofu)…

So, we need to finish. Shown here are some blissed out time away photos, and the rest is time alone in the kitchen.

Wishing everyone reading the perseverance and discipline to get things done.

beautiful women we love to feed, and help dress

Every day dress, every day cook.


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  1. Rebecca, you are 100% in all aspects! Love to read your posts! Keep it up! xo

    • thank you friend in Rochester! hope you and yours are well. xo

  2. So true… love this

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