Consider Location

This is the dress that I didn’t wear, and it didn’t feel right. It will get plenty of play this summer, and I’m sure it will fit better at a lawn party or in the countryside.

Yesterday afternoon I put myself together to enjoy brunch with our youngest daughter and my handsome husband. The floral dress looked good but didn’t feel right; I hadn’t slowed down enough to consider the location. We had a reservation at a bourbon distillery, not a breezy outdoor garden setting.

This is the dress that went bourbon tasting.
Our youngest daughter is wearing one of my tops from ten years ago. She changed in the car’s back seat, and we both understood that a good outfit could improve the day.

Our daughter was also struggling with her outfit; it was funny, my husband just taking it all in like he has for decades and gently shaking his head at us. I changed super-fast, pulling the flowers off overhead, throwing it on the bed, and pulling on a graphic black and white A-line style instead. Same shoes and bag. She had on a denim mini-skirt that wasn’t doing it for her, and as he told us to get out the door, she grabbed a pair of wide-legged jeans and then proceeded to strip down and change in the back of the car. That’s how it goes.

Anyway, time is a life luxury, and sometimes we’re all just time stressed and not thinking through what to wear where. I’m happy I can pivot on a dime, as is the twenty-two-year-old, and that we can get out the door fast. If I had thought my outfit through beforehand, I would have realized the floral maxi dress was better suited to a northeast baby shower or a women’s luncheon, not an afternoon brunch fest where bourbon goes in the Bloody Mary, along with bourbon fried bacon. I always say that when you feel good about what you have on, you have a much better time doing whatever you are doing, and this was no exception. My youngest daughter and I settled into our crispy fried chicken sandwiches with fries and house-made pickles and had ourselves a day. It was divine.

We had six nights and five full days together in St. Pete, FL.
This style is so easy to wear.

Style notes: my ‘bourbon’ dress is from three seasons ago, designed by Creative Director Emily Smith for Lafayette 148. This style continues, and it is fabricated in a great imported silk-linen Papier print this season. My youngest daughter’s halter top was from my closet probably ten years ago; she hangs on the good stuff and wears it with aplomb, which makes me happy. A good closet with legs is a good thing. Buy well, wear often, share, and don’t over-purge. And consider location.

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  1. The quick change was amazing and more your style. I would love to see that dress worn as a duster over jeans or for summer cocktails. Location, location, location. I’m so glad you had it with you! Keep posting please, they are so good.

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