Moody Blues

Blue dress, blue bag, and metallic sweater as a scarf. Note the suede Chelsea boot; it’s all about walking everywhere. Also, the peloton is in the background, working on clocking 70 miles a week on that thing.

We’ve welcomed two beautiful new granddaughters into the fold, which has been breathtaking. They and their moms are exquisite, and all are doing well. The birth of a new child is life-changing to all those intimate with it, and to have two enter our world less than two weeks apart has been, at times, both heart-expanding and head-spinning. Heart-expanding as our circle of love has multiplied and head-spinning as you worry about almost everything; the moms, the deliveries, the babies, the dads, the siblings, and even where you might fit into this new world. With absolute joy, even a tearful shakedown can occur.

Tears can be cleansing, so I’m going with that. I’m also doing everything possible to stay on the path; daily walks, good nutrition, and trying for solid sleep. It doesn’t always work, and falling off the path is a definite bump.

Blues Fest outfits called for closed-toe boots or sneakers; it can get dusty out there.
She’s always great company. Shhh….we also saw Taylor Swift in Tampa. 🙂
A moody blue night on the bay.

Anyway, we had some wonderful one-on-one time with Peanut and went to a Blues Fest. She and I agree that a closed-toe shoe, boot, or sneaker is the best style move when going to outdoor festival-type scenes. I wore a favorite suede Chelsea boot, and she wore a lace-up sneaker.

Farmer’s Market Haul.
Farmer’s Market lunch with canned tuna added for protein and a blue can of Skyway IPA. She’s wearing shearling lined Birks in blue suede in the background.

We also hit up the Farmer’s Market.

a pretty vase of orchid stems…
Blue frames (this frame is now five years old; I recently had custom lenses updated, and blue knit over Peanut’s shoulders, also been around for a bit. Don’t overpurdge.

Every day dress, Moody Blues, to be continued.

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