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When we had babies and Santa believers we started the day after Thanksgiving and baked zillions and trillions of cookies. Now we fit it in when we can and we’re down to three types only: cutouts, (white frosting only), thumbprints, and Mexican wedding cakes.

Cookie daze is when you have last night’s leftover shrimp cocktail for breakfast with your coffee while thinking about topping it off with the leftover Chardonnay because you just can’t fathom cleaning one more copper pot if you scramble yourself an egg.

We’re getting down to the wire. We’ve been wearing black sequin pants with a navy scarf halter because it’s easy. We’ve wrapped and shipped gifts to the sister and kids in San Francisco that we just won’t see this year. We’re doing cards on the plane and in the hotel lobby and doing our shopping in NYC before we head home late tonight with oldest daughter in tow.





Our babies are now young adults and teenagers and always absolute Santa believers, love.

Cookie daze my friends, let’s all enjoy the process. It’s full-time production right about now, know we’ll all get there. xoxo

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  1. Can you adopt me I want a xmas present from NYC….have a wonderful time with your family, I heard from Bella that this is the first time in a long time you will all be at home…..enjoy!!!

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