good basic food





Strung 400 more lights outside, between everything else we all have to do. Napkin is a little askew, we we’re enjoying a little wine. Grilled cheese and bacon sandwich, oh so fine.



In a season of running around we’ve eaten in: good basic food. Husband and I walked the city streets of Buffalo Saturday night searching out a table for two, me in my over the knee boots, decided there was really no room in the inn. Walked home, cooked up some bacon and grilled cheese sandwiches, simple spinach salad, lit a few candles and had dinner in the dining room.


Beef stew with egg noodles ended the weekend, good basic food.


Tonight it’s roast chicken, this time with turnips and carrots, trying to keep up with it all. Didn’t even tie the legs with chicken string. Oh, and the cards came today (double eye-roll emoji). xoxo

all pics iPhone | right about now we’re not sure where the car keys are

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  1. LOL! ‘Tis the season … car keys are often missing these days. And again … those gorgeous boots!

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