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For a full day of meetings where the CEO, President of Sales, Regional Directors, Founding Partners and 300 other associates of the company you work for in a resort destination one of the big questions is what in the heck do you wear?

You want to look like you know what you are doing, focused, and approachable.

It’s 110 degrees and typical resort wear doesn’t cut if for corporate meetings, resort destination or not.

Every day dress suggests to pick a dress. Or a skirt. Show a little leg, it’s hot out there. Most professional women I have wardrobed recently have shown a preference for a dress or a skirt. Very refreshing.

This choice was a dark denim short-sleeved shirt dress. Loved it as it felt appropriate. Shape was on trend conservative with a just short enough length and the fabric, well stretch denim, and you had me at hello.

Resort dressing can encompass all kinds of shoe options. Kind of felt if the top-level men in the company were wearing socks and shoes, had so show a little respect and go with a closed toe pump. There are only a handful of men in this company, we are really a company of opportunity of women and for women but all the same. Yes, as women in the fashion industry we get cut a lot of slack and can quite often wear what the men can not. That is great but there are times when you kind of have to go corporate. I am thinking that country-wide annual sales meetings might be one of those times. The funky fun pedicure can be shown another day.

You can still be a little sexy, just not all at once. Wear something close to the body, maybe cover the shoulders and maybe cover the toes, and you are corporate resort look ready.

Every day dress wearing the corporate resort look. Felt good to concentrate on what was being presented and not what was being worn. Clothing confidence is a very good thing.

Dress | Worth New York Summer 2013

Shoe | Manolo Blahnik

Bag | Prada



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