travel day


Wasn’t sure whether to call this post travel day or travel blanket. Have had so much time on my hands for one free day not sure what to do with myself.

Anyways, women find what other women wear interesting and it’s what this blog is about so here goes: what was worn for pretty much cross-country travel at 7:30 am this morning.

Started with the footwear. Knowing that boots were needed for the trip chose the bulkier ones out of three pair to wear so that they wouldn’t have to be packed. Long black maxi dress, as comfortable as it can get, and carried the Hermès blanket shawl husband gave me for Christmas. Think of it as travel blanket. Needed it the entire flight and even upon arrival. It may have been 109 degrees in the shade but the hotel lobby and meeting registration rooms were quite nicely air-conditioned.

First things first. To get the head straight went to the gym. Really, being away from the usual can cause a feeling of unease and the gym helps to get you centered. Could have done some work or logged on and done online bill pay, nope, not yet, work and bills will be there tomorrow.

Since I don’t Photoshop those are real legs and real veins. Have earned those darn things.

Every day dress is in Scottsdale AZ missing home and family. Travel day is tough.

Boots | Chanel

Dress and Necklace | Worth New York

Blanket Shawl | Hermès

Workout Wear | Hard Tail


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  1. You look fabulous Rebecca and have a wonderful way of pulling everything together! You have endless energy and a positive way to spin it all! Keep the blogs coming! they are appreciated! ann

    • Oh Ann you have been on my mind and I truly hope all is well in your world. Thanks for being a big supporter, this blogging stuff can be a little scary at times and you always jump in and leave a nice comment at exactly the right time. Thank you.
      Wishing you all good things. xo

  2. Wowzas! I need your trainer!

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