creative work wear


Oh, to be in an industry where you can spend your day in floral pants and open toe studded sandals, love it.


For creative work wear on this Tuesday, wearing black wash and dry pocket shirt, same one that was worn Saturday night out while in Boston at the Liberty Hotel, and those on trend pants with my new shoes. When something feels right, we say do it or wear it again. Found out the shirt was great in the dryer by mistake, while traveling threw the entire dark load in and there it was, came out perfectly. Normally machine wash on cold and hang to dry, this one can take the heat.

As for those floral pants? They’re all over the spring fashion scene, to keep them from looking too sweet paired them with black even though there’s not a spot of black in the pattern. Always encourage clients to do navy and black.


In the office, prepping for summer trunk shows and searching for another woman or a few who also want to wear and rep some creative work wear. Every day dress, creative work wear in Upstate New York.

Silk White and Navy Engineered Printed Floral Crepe De Chine Sienna Cropped Pant

Black Sueded Triacetate Pocket Shirt

Worth New York | Spring 2015


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  1. I just love the way this looks. So beautiful!

    • Thank you, these pieces look good on all women, pants just take a leap of faith and a little confidence. 🙂

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