croutons and cod

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Food & lifestyle Post:

Intern and new admin suggests that fashion and food are best posted as separate topics (thank you, Alexa), and all four daughters say the same.  So here it is, food only.

No reason to ever buy store made or, worse yet, packaged croutons. With day old bread, kosher salt, olive oil, pepper, and any seasonings you have on hand, you’re good to go. If it were not a frozen tundra outside we’d be adding fresh herbs from the garden.

Most sources say to bake in the oven. Well, our oven was full roasting asparagus, in two heart-shaped cake pans, the only ones we had on hand. We had wild cod baking, too.



For a fresh starter, put some organic spinach in a bowl, throw in some slivered almonds, top with your handmade, homemade croutons, dress with olive oil, ground pepper, add a little more kosher salt, parmesan cheese and your favorite vinegar.

Dinner done! Yeah, that cod needs some zest–it’s looking a little plain–so make sure that you have fresh ground pepper at the table.

Trying to live up to a Monday through Friday posting schedule, but that’s negotiable. Store bought croutons, never.

Oh, and real butter is LOVE. Careful, if you get too good at this, the family will most often want to stay in. 🙂


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  1. Glad to see you’re posting more often 🙂

    • Thanks, and thanks for commenting, feels good to hear your voice.

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