Dinner Outdoors

flowers and herbs from my garden, five small arrangements

Like most everyone, once last year’s snow finally melted, we’ve been dining outdoors, at first moving tables to anywhere in the sun, then to seek some shade, and now moving tables again as we follow the shifting sun as it appears and disappears on the horizon so much more quickly. Husband has ordered outdoor heaters, they have yet to arrive, like most everyone we’re probably somewhere midway down on that long list to delivery (after every single restaurant in the world). 

This evening I’m doing a Harvest Dinner in our barn, doors and windows wide open and small space heaters brought on board from the ski house. Soon I’ll roll out the dough for the French Apple Tart, start to proof the yeast for the bread, brown the chicken pieces for the Coq au Vin, and reheat and finesse the Butternut Squash Soup with Bacon and Crème Fraiche I started last night. 

I like to plate things up on the dining room table before serving, here you see salads that I unfortunately over-dressed a little
here’s the dinner where I served the above salads, brown paper place cards, helps everyone to know where to sit
wet hair, husbands shirt, slicing some flank steaks
pizza night at home
roast chickens with garden thyme, I always make an extra
who doesn’t love a good burger?
one skillet chicken with peaches and mozzarella
individual fruits before the crumble topping
rare siting, condiments in their own containers on the table, must have been a little tired
nothing a good tequila drink can’t help 🙂

I’ve been cooking for my pod for almost eight months now, and I must say most times I absolutely love it. It helps to have a somewhat captive audience, where else can they really go, and I’m simply trying to make the best of these weird and strange (and sad but I try not to say that out loud too often) times. 

husband taking it all in
Lizzie helping with the family table and wearing a dress
Ethan filling the water glasses
plated steak salad, thank you Booie
a blouse and long skirt can still be casual

Most times after cooking for the better part of the day I put on a dress, and all summer long my girls followed suit, we would dress for dinner. It’s nice to mark the transition from the work part of the day to the relaxing and community part of the day by cleaning up and changing clothes. Of course, there have been times when the blue jeans and splattered t-shirt just won’t come off yet when I make the effort, I’m always better for it. 

So, here’s to dinner outdoors (grab your blanket!), for as long as we possibly can. Love and good cheer to all, every day dress.

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  1. you’re an inspiration! Family and friends are lucky to have you, and most especially at this time :

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