Dollar a Flower

rows and rows of sunflowers waiting to be harvested
I wore a long dress with boots, Peanut wore a short dress with boots, boots are key as it can be a bit wet in the field
she and I have been celebrating her upcoming birthday all week long
a hat is helpful too, it was super hot out there
I brought three of these pitchers that I recently bought at Molly & Kate, a great little boutique in nearby Hamburg, NY

Last night early evening, Peanut and I drove down the hill a few miles from our country place to cut sunflowers. We’ve been noticing this great little spot for over a year now, and we finally explored.

The Hill 716, or @thehill.716 on Instagram, is celebrating its second season, and we encourage you to check it out this weekend if you are anywhere near the corner of East Eden Road and Boston Road, 7585 East Eden Road, Eden, NY.

Noah told us it’s probably their last weekend to offer cut sunflowers for a dollar a flower; the season is short. They also offer honey, homemade jam, and a young local farmer named Clayton sells his corn for 50 cents an ear, or $5 a dozen. Peanut and I bought six ears, cooked three of them last night for dinner, and we thought it was the absolute best corn of the season.

Noah greeted us with a big smile and a pair of clippers in his hand when we pulled in; it was pretty magical. Being veterans of berry picking and country life in general, we brought our own clippers, three large vessels for the cut flowers, a huge thermos of water to fill the vessels, and a big cardboard box to carry out our beautiful haul to the car.

that jawline, the beauty of youth…

If you are intrigued, take a ride and visit. Again, the season is short, and Noah told us after we thanked him for such a great experience that this coming weekend would probably be the last for his stunning sunflower field, a dollar a flower.

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