Orange to Blue

a perfect orange dress with flat sandals and an orange bag
Husband best version of orange; he can’t get enough of his tractor, together we redid this entire bed this summer

My husband gifted me an orange backpack, a color I would probably not pick myself, and it has led me into a bit of an orange mood. Orange in your life can give you a good spark.

Orange has been a great summer color; several of my clients went orange with their picks.

Elizabeth wearing an orange sweater with white and camel
Mary with an orange dress and neutral shoes
eat all the colors, orange melon, and kind of orange cornbread muffins
although it took some getting used to, I really love the full volume of dresses this season

orange bag with blue and white
Cypress Blue Dress I just ordered, also ordered a cashmere sweater in the same color

I love orange with white, and orange with blue. Orange with tan or camel is good too, orange with black, not so much. Heading towards early fall, I’m feeling a call towards blue, precisely this gorgeous Cypress Blue; I recently bought a dress and a sweater in Cypress Blue.

Peyton likes the orange marigolds even though the bunnies ate all of her lettuces

This is a quick Monday morning post; Mondays are always a catch as catch can.

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    • In some sizes. Text me for more info if interested? 716-445-3033. It’s a great dress.

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