down and out



When the keeper of the house and all things food is down and out for a few days, it’s a good thing to rely on your local Co-operative Market for soup and sandwiches. You can make it special by adding cloth napkins, candles, and pink tulips. Sometimes you have to just rely on others for the cooking.


Worked a solid morning and had to lay down for the afternoon. Best I could do fashion wise was last year’s Chanel sneakers and some grey skinnies for the ‘what’s for dinner’ run to the market.


Tying this in every day fashion wise absolutely love that Karl showed sneaker clad women in the aisles of a sprawling supermarket for the Chanel 2014/15 Fall-Winter Ready-To-Wear collection. What modern women doesn’t honestly spend a good part of the day  down low on her feet and out at the market? Click here for your view:


Photo by Oliver Saillant

Sneakers were the footwear of choice for Karl Lagerfeld’s most recent collection in Paris. Feeling so on trend here in upstate New York. 🙂

Every day dress, down and out and relying on takeout, last year’s Chanel sneakers putting Spring in my step. Can’t wait to feel better and get to the big city to see what’s new.

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