pink it up


Inspired by a woman met while working on the road in Rochester, NY, decided to pink it up. You know those first impressions? She walked in wearing a bright pink Donna Karan New York coat over her mostly black outfit. She had on heels, smiled brightly, and oozed good energy. Her look still makes me think about her today. As good energy begets good energy, I followed suit.

Wild Rose jacket, picked up at a sample sale as it’s not the usual pick, white silk blouse, black leather and ponte pant, flat boots. Couldn’t do the heels as it was moving and packing day, and 73 mile drive each way. Yes, very spoiled by short commutes here in Buffalo.

Wearing color needs and shows a little confidence, maybe that’s why so many of us wear the non-colors. Color is  memorable, and also takes thought. Bought a leather jacket in this exact Wild Rose and have yet to wear it, not sure what the wait’s for, it was fun to wear something bright. If you too are a little color shy, let’s join together, fake it till we make it with the confidence thing, and pink it up. They’re only clothes, and we can change.

Thanks, Stacey, absolutely loved your look and your energy.

Clothing | Worth New York

Boot | Chanel

Bag | Rebecca Minkoff



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  1. Beautiful Rebecca! I’m going to pull out my pink jacket! Love this look as a transition from winter to spring! (after the blizzard) haha!

    • Great, we all need a little nudge sometimes, don’t we? The woman that came in dressed in pink sells real estate in Rochester/Pittsford, she was fun! Thank you for reading and for writing!

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