down for three

Here in the mountains amidst all holiday festivities the naughty cold and flu bug has swept in, brought me to my knees, and has kept anyone in its wake down for three, at the least. Honestly, the last time I was off my feet for three or more days was twenty-seven years ago when viral meningitis hit while caring for new-born twins and an eighteenth month old, scary stuff. This go-round, fever and delirium had me finding comfort alone on a closet floor, without any clothes, and swaddled in a sheet on Christmas Eve.

No greater gift than family, and health. Whatever it takes to nurture and keep those two, we’re in. These kids and the husband and the grandma and the fiancé and the girlfriend all stepped up and wrapped up the holiday. They carved the standing rib roast, mashed the potatoes, and sautéed the green beans. You know we’re all about breaking bread, and making shared meals a part of the every day. It’s the coming together we love, and they carried on.

Our dance card here at Park City/Deer Valley was and is full, skiing, dog-sledding, Orange Theory, and dinners out. We love being active, and moving daily, yet cold and flu symptoms don’t quite mix, so we stayed back and when the eyes could finally adjust cracked open the iPad and read Yolanda Hadid’s book Believe Me about her journey and that of two of her children battling and enduring through chronic Lyme disease. Wow- the continents she traveled too to seek relief, and the treatments she put herself through, all for greater health and to raise awareness of an invisible disease.

When everything looks beautiful it’s sometimes hard to put your arms around things not being right, yet when your physical body or that of one you love just doesn’t feel right, nothing else much matters. Invisible or not, good mental and physical health for one and all, and compassion to know that sometimes all is not what it seems, is what we wish for most.

Every day dress, down for three, yet moving up. xoxo

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  1. Hi Rebecca, I’m a blog follower here in SF. Love this entry. I always tell my girlfriends that all is not what it seems. We all have ups and downs and social media only seems to displays the ups. Here’s to your recuperation and health and a Happy New Year!

    • Oh, thank you reading from SF, one of our favorited places and where my dear sister lives. I agree, all is not what it seems, and we each have individual challenges, personal, professional, relationship wise and health. Thank you for the well wishes, and sending you all positive energy for a Happy, Healthy, and Brilliant 2018. Happy New Year. xoxo

  2. I hope you recover quickly, so you can enjoy the new year with your family!

    • Thank you, Sheila. Slow and steady, and the happiest and healthiest New Year to you and yours. xoxo

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