moving on through

morning view in Deer Valley UT

afternoon in Buffalo NY

Woke up yesterday at about 6,570 feet or so, and today tapped in at 600 feet in our hometown BUF, couldn’t be happier. Still feeling flu effects, first outing was the gym for a light and quick 45 minute workout, then to the grocery for about an hour and 10, and that’s it. Sadly cancelled our New Year’s Eve ski town dinner plans with dear family friends, her emphatic advice was to lay low, and concentrate on resolutions, and that’s exactly where we’re at.

That Christmas thing is monumental even at your best. We probably overspent, overbooked, over-travelled, and then in the end kind of really just under-did: unwritten cards, unworn outfits, unbaked dough, missed meals, and not bought unwrapped gifts, oh, well. Tears don’t help, we’re simply moving on through. That’s the way with the every day, a new beginning and a new opportunity to make it better.

At the market we picked up some white primrose, and one of our favorites, hydrangea. Not sure about the all green, (are they engineered?), yet the freshness is so welcome.

As for resolutions? Never really shared much in that way, and have never really been one to make all or nothing propositions, we’re really more about instilling good habits, and hopefully inspiring a few others along the way. If we had to we’d go with some of the below:

  • eat vegetables with every meal, even first thing
  • begin six days of each week with exercise that makes us breath and work hard

new makeup bag gifted by Linnie and Booie, living on hand cream, foundation, and a little lipstick

  • put on good clothes, perhaps a little make-up, and make nutritious, delicious food for ourselves and those we love
  • drink water, coffee, tea, wine, and not Diet Coke (maybe the odd one on occasion). 
  • be kind and loving

Every day dress, moving on through.

Wishing everyone health and prosperity.




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