dress as coat


When traveling, every single piece needs to be able to do double duty. Case in point: dress, in colder than expected temperatures, worn as coat, two nights in a row.

Thought I could leave the biker boots at home when visiting Savannah GA and Hilton Head SC in late March. Not so. Missing those things desperately.

Instead, had to rely on layer upon layer. Not so bad, as each piece that was packed can perform in multiple ways. White jeans? Twelve month staple. Black Donna Karan Collection long sleeve silk tee? Bought that thing eight years ago and it’s still going strong. Coat as dress? New piece from Worth New York Spring 2013. Totally earning its respect in the wardrobe: wore it last night out to dinner with that black cardigan and pink jeans, it was Savannah, tonight with Donna Karan tee and white jeans. Falling in love. Can’t wait to wear it as planned, as a dress, need about 2o more degrees though.

Layer your clothes, use a dress as coat, have fun, cold temperatures or not.

Every day dress out to dinner two nights in a row with dress worn as coat. Stay warm. xoxo

all photos, iPhone, not organized enough yet for the real camera, still on the run.

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