third time’s a charm


Still cold, third night in a row, dress as coat, no shame. Daughters ask, what are you wearing? No worries, I’ve got this little black dress packed. Add it to the floral jeans from last season, again, no shame, that black cardigan, and, done, dressed for dinner again.

Every day dress does total outfit repeat, make sure your clothes are there for you, and third time’s a charm. Not afraid to wear the same stuff many days in a row. Jennifer Steinkamp, you are my hero. Thinking every woman out there needs that black cardigan and dress as coat.

Don’t forget the blog party, Thursday, April 11th, 5 – 7 pm, Perfetto, 617 Washington Street, downtown Buffalo NY. Email us here if you like to celebrate, can’t wait to see you.

Three nights in a row, dress as coat, Worth New York Spring 2013

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